The Mellon Family:

Traveled February 17 - 22, 2019

Meet the Mellon Family! Michael and Laura adopted a sibling set of five out of foster care, while also inviting biological older siblings into their family.

“I just wanted to share the most heartfelt thank you one can give to another person. I feel emotional writing this because I know my words will not be able to capture truly how grateful Michael and I are. I will be so honest that we were so thrilled going into this trip but as you can imagine, when traveling with a large family there are always obstacles and unforeseen circumstances the arise. In the last couple of years since the kids have come to us, we have not had a trip without speed bumps, until now. Literally nothing went wrong. We can't say one bad thing about this trip and we are leaving with only happy memories and sore feet.

Our trip was amazing, nobody wanted to leave. Everyone was so happy. There were so many memories that were made that I can not thank you enough. Usually when we go on vacation, I leave and am exhausted and just want to sleep for days to recuperate, this trip was refreshing, relaxing, calming, and the only thing I had to worry about was how much my feet hurt from walking the in parks at the end of the night. Truly that was it! With having everything planned out, that took the burden and worry off of us. All we had to do was follow the itinerary and have fun which is what we did. We never worried about money on this trip was alone, amazing. Your mission is to provide a trip to allow adoptive families a time to build bonds and grow together and you achieved your mission. We spent uninterrupted time, we loved on each other, we had fun, and the memories we made will be something that stay with our family forever.

Your dreams and mission through Funding Love has forever changed our family, we truly mean that. Thank you so much for forever making a mark in our lives, and allowing and choosing us to take this adventure of a lifetime.”


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