THe Murray Family : Traveled April 2017

Meet single mom, Beth, and her two children, Lily and Izak, that she adopted out of foster care.


“In 2015, I began my foster parent adventure. Being a single mom and raising two young children, and even a few more along the way, is challenging but yet so rewarding. Working full time in Special Education, teaching others about what families should be like, and helping to always show God’s love can be hard, but with friends and family anything is possible. Just almost two years later, February 13th, 2017, my first placement became my forever family. The following day, Valentine’s Day, Funding Love donated an amazing gift to our family. They felt they were to provide an all expense paid trip to Disney World in Orlando to a new adoptive family. Spring Break 2017 will forever be one where memories of a lifetime were created and love was blooming! This nonprofit is an amazing group that I will forever hold dear in my heart and will support at all costs! Thanks for all the smiles and excitement over the course of five days."


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