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We are so excited to welcome the Mellon family to Funding Love. They are a military family that chose to adopt four siblings so they wouldn’t have to split up in the foster care system. Just a week before we announced they were our next family, they found out that they were able to obtain legal guardianship of their oldest brother, as well. They truly embody the idea of Ohana - that Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

To learn more about them, here are some words from friends that nominated them:

I’ve known Micheal most of my life, served with him in the United States Navy, and proud to call him one of my best friends. I’ve watched him grow with his family, witnessing his and his wife’s unending love, and when those beautiful kids walked in, the love they’ve shared with those kids and everyone is beyond compare. - Joshua S.

The Melon family has opened up their doors and their hearts to an entire family. This allowed all members to stay together instead of being separated. They are all so caring and understanding of one another. - Andrea U.

They are the most selfless parents I have ever encountered and deserve to be able to treat their children to the memories of Disney world. - Natalie S.

This family is great! Laura works as a children's educator and the father is in the Navy. On top of taking care of everything that comes with adoption, they are also in the process of adopting the children's biological brother as well to keep the kids together. Laura is a Girl Scout Troop leader for Tati's troop, and strives (ACCOMPLISHES) being an amazing mother to the boys in sports as well. They are a selfless family who deserve an amazing trip. - Katherine D.

The parents have sacrificed so much for their kids. Michael the father is active in the Navy which leaves Laura the mother at times acting as a single parent when deployment occurs. Honestly, they need and deserve a great vacation. The beautiful kids have been through so much in their short lives. A lot of experiences that they had before they were adopted were bad experiences. They need a great vacation to bond with each other and create great memories. Please make this possible for them. They truly deserve it. - Eric W.

We are still working towards fully funding the Mellon family’s vacation.

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Previous Funding Love Families

The Murray Family - April 2017


"In 2015, I began my foster parent adventure. Being a single mom and raising two young children, and even a few more along the way, is challenging but yet so rewarding. Working full time in Special Education, teaching others about what families should be like, and helping to always show God’s love can be hard, but with friends and family anything is possible. Just almost 2 years later, February 13th, 2017, my first placement became my forever family. The following day, Valentine’s Day, Funding Love donated an amazing gift to our family. They felt they were to provide an all expense paid trip to Disney World in Orlando to a new adoptive family. Spring Break 2017 will forever be one where memories of a lifetime were created and love was blooming! This nonprofit is an amazing group that I will forever hold dear in my heart and will support at all costs! Thanks for all the smiles and excitement over the course of 5 days." -Beth Murray

More Words from Adoptive families

“When you foster and adopt a child from a hard place, trauma and it's effects are everywhere in the life of that child. They typically had to grow up too soon and many times skipped periods of childhood altogether. At Disney, I truly believe that we all get a little younger for a short period of time. We act a little sillier, linger a little longer, and adventure together. There are these moments- when you see the small child come out from inside of that child who grew up too soon. Moments when they don't feel the weight of all the trauma because they somehow forgot it for just a few moments. And those moments of happiness, of new memories; those memories are now attached to you and you bond a little more as a family. And you believe and hope that one day, those core memories of the happy times as a family will outnumber the traumatic ones and that healing will begin to occur. We are so thankful that we get to experience Disney as a family and want others to as well." - Julie Lindeman, Foster/Adoptive Mom

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